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Explaining procedures with Audio-Visual Aids

We ensure that the patient knows what he/she is suffering from and what he or she should be expecting after the treatment. The fear of anticipation usually is too much to ask for from a person especially when it involves complex treatment procedures such as the root canal treatment, bridge, implants, etc. So we employ the technique of e-education and educate the patients in subtle terms the technical jargons of complex treatment procedure via computers which employ the use of computerized and especially for the children we use the cartoons, visual effects, high definition graphics and quality sounds etc. to make it quite an interactive session for them where they can actually feel that learning could be fun. . Apart from this, eventually it also helps him or her to respond adequately while the actual procedure is being performed on him so that in the face of ignorance mistaking something gone wrong as a part of the standard procedure what that could happen can actually be prevented.

Special Care for Children and Parents Counseling

Now this is the thing with children when it comes to the children, who due to their childhood frivolities and not so developed intelligence fail to decide what is right and what is wrong and any amount of preaching do not work either because for them the temptations are far too luring and the ideologies far too demanding and pressing. Thus as you might have been a kid once, you might know this quite well that they usually suffer from dental problems (every now and then actually). So it becomes more important for us to be more responsible and vigilant and keep a check on their bad habits which might later in life make them suffer and pay a far higher price that their offence is worth and at the same time we also need to educate them on this and teach them to distinguish between right and wrong.

We are there with you till the end

Even after the treatment procedure is complete just as we said that we would see right through it to the end. We have the facility of the after treatment care by making regular calls to remind you of the precautionary measures you might need to follow after some procedures or about the next appointment that procedure might need, which you might tend to forget in the normal circumstances while being entangled in the daily cobweb of life. Also we provide you with the oral health guidance and oral health kit to leave no room for any inadequacies.

For NRI Patients

When it comes to us the world certainly proves to be a small place. Since the treatment abroad can be pretty costly. Many of our brethren try to avail the maximum benefit out of their stay in the country and provided that they can get world class treatment right here with us at a really economical price. And this we are speaking from our confidence and not vanity or hollow pride that you really do get your worth of money and beyond that more importantly satisfaction of its utmost kind.

  • Fast & accurate treatment with team of doctors, technicians & trained staff
  • Long/session appointment for International, NRI & outstation patients to reduce number of visits.
Helping NRI Patients with Long (session) Appointments

The NRI and the outstation patients at the same time might rest assured that we do so for you as well by sending in reminders to you via e-news letters or e-mails frequently apart from providing all of you with the fast, accurate and reliable treatment with the team of doctors, assistants and technicians of highest quality and providing you with the session appointments that might last from anything between 2 -4 hours where multiple procedures are completed in one day since we understand that coming frequently for you might prove to be really inconvenient and at the same time uneconomical.

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